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By Al Albers


          Mondays!  We all seem to dread the first working day of the week.  And to further add to this dreariness, as soon as we walk into the office each Monday morning we see the same exasperation from our co-workers.  Unlike the proverbial axiom, “It must be in the water!” this somewhat infectious feeling we have “is in the air.”  


          For those who didn’t know, the name “Monday” comes from a word meaning “moon’s day.”  It was a day sacred to Luna, goddess of the moon and wife of the sun.  Luna was one of the lesser gods of ancient Greece and Rome.


          In the vicinity of the water cooler and even in the lounge area, one can always hear the party line, “I hate Mondays!”  While we seem to notice this dreariness more in the office, it’s everywhere.  You can see it in the aggressive driving styles of the motorists on the city streets and highways.  And, yes, even the merchants in the local mall aren’t exempt from the argumentative shopper.


          Why we feel like this is unknown.  One plausible explanation could be the amount of work that we had to carry over from the previous Friday; the problems or issues we weren’t able to resolve.  The thought of having to deal with them again on the first working day of the week isn’t overly exciting.


          Mondays!  Can we really afford to do without them?  Well, the next time that feeling of exasperation comes over you consider the following fact.In the United States, most national holidays that fall on Sunday are celebrated on Monday.  Why?  So the working people will have an additional day of leisure.


          This brings us to Monday, September 6, 2010.  Labor Day.  Not just any day, but a federal holiday for which people celebrate the important part that workers play in the country.  A day in which there are parades and picnics, meetings, and speeches praising the importance of the labor movement.  And a day in which I’m trying to finish a chapter of the new mystery story I’ve been writing for the past year so that I too can enjoy this extra day of leisure.


          Mondays!  I’m not too crazy about them myself, but this particular Monday is a day I like.


          Hey … my family is discussing a mutiny … wait for me, I’m almost done.  All I have to do is finish the last paragraph.  It’ll only take a minute.  (I’ll edit it later.)  Got to go.  Hope your “Monday” was a good one.