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Alfred M. Albers

Author & Magician

Of Ghosts And Magic
House of Tarot Cards
A Pocket Full of Voices
The Last Goodbye
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Praise for: Of Ghosts and Magic
Midwest Book Review
"I found this well-written, well-edited novel to be an enjoyable, light read.  And if you're interested in magic and love details, this may be just the book for you." 
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Reader Views
"Albers carefully introduces a strong cast of characters who become important elements in reinforcing his detailed narrative and unique plot, which includes mystery, suspense and intrigue.  In a remarkable and unique writing style, Albers brilliantly balances detail bordering on tedium with brillance as he maintains an increased sense of suspense and tension in the combined scientific, deductive, and intuitive approach in John's missing person search.  I was afraid to miss a single sentence or paragraph for fear of missing an important clue in the story.  I found his writing to be fresh enjoyable entertainment."
Rebecca's Reads
"Of Ghosts and Magic is a very well written novel.  The story is unique and quite entertaining.  The main characters are well developed and interesting.  I think that mystery fans and magic lovers everywhere will enjoy this intriguing book."
Praise for: House of Tarot Cards
Reader Spoils
"What do you get when you put together one of America's best magicians, psychics and murder?  Mixed with a high paced mystery, House of Tarot Cards has all of this and more.  Beautifully written by Alfred M. Albers, a student of magic for over 30 years, he has the reader guessing from page to page.  Albers has such a refreshing and unique writing style, that the reader is given a descriptive realistic look into the lives of each character and their surroundings.  I personally found that while reading I could visualize each character and the places that they were visiting .  I felt like I was being pulled into this mystery with nothing to do to help them but to read on.  Fast paced fun read!  This is one murder mystery you will not want to miss.  I am eagerly waiting to see what Alfred M. Albers will do next." 
"Alfred M. Albers is back with John Michaels, America's foremost magician stronger than ever in the sequel House of Tarot Cards.
"Albers' intriguing story line takes the reader back three years to reopen an old cold case-file of an unresolved murder.  John Michaels brilliantly matches some tricks from his trade with an unscrupulous underworld character who has a plan to extort money from the local psychic community.
"The reprehensible intimidator included anonymous letters, and threatening phone calls to terrify his prey.  After experiencing broken windows and having their car tires slashed, one by one the psychics gave in and began paying the tyrant his demands. There was one hold out, Mrs. Sylvia, who was determined not to pay protection money to a low-life crook.  Her obstinacy resulted in her first-degree murder.  
"The plot includes suspense, conflict, and drama right up to the final climatic resolution of the case.  I found the behind the scenes glimpses into the psychic community to be illuminating and informative.  Albers writing is entertaining, engaging, with a unique approach to deduction and sleuthing.
"Albers draws from his part time career as a professional magician to give life and credibility to his protagonist John Michaels. House of Tarot Cards is a well written novel incorporating a fast paced narrative, colorful characters, vivid word pictures, and stimulating dialog." 
TCM Reviews

"A tarot reader is killed and the psychic community is scared.  It started as a simple shake down.  If someone refused to pay protection money, car tires got slashed.  Then, Mrs. Sylvia suddenly turned up dead. 


"Immediately, the police find inconsistencies in the story.  Even identifying the victim becomes complicated.  No one seems to know much about her, if she has family, or where she grew up.  No one is even sure of her real name.  Someone knows the truth but is unwilling to say anything.  It seems that family ties are complexly woven and past grudges have been refocused on new targets. 


"House of Tarot Cards quickly draws the reader into the multifaceted action of the story.  Finding the killer is easy enough. However, the deception of the characters involved is so multileveled that just getting the truth of the situation is the real challenge for the police."


Amazon Book Reader

"House of Tarot Cards is a combination of suspense, mystery and intrigue.  You can easily picture the characters and the locales as the story unfolds with the turn of each page.  The author's imagination takes you on a roller coaster of a ride that leaves you wanting to read just one more chapter; the action keeps you on the edge of your seat.  It's a true page-turner; I dropped everything else and read it within a day, it was that good.  I highly recommend this as 'a must buy book.' I was thoroughly entertained; you will be, too."  


Praise for: A Pocket Full Of Voices

Amazon Book Reader
"Mr. Albers has written another great book! This one is full of twists and turns - just when you think you have it figured out, you are thrown another curve ball!  If you have read Al's other novels, you will feel that you are with your old friends, John and Stella.  If this is your first introduction to the main characters, you will become quick friends.  I highly recommend this outstanding book!" 
Review The Book
Alfred M. Albers writes with a clarity of detail not often seen in this type of fiction.  He also writes with great humour, especially in this book where Grumpy Perkins, Gary's not-so-dumb dummy, does his schtick.  Grumpy has a rather funny sarcastic bent, but very successful for the character.  Put together a magician and a ventriloquist and you get a very different take on a suspenseful murder mystery.  As bodies begin to pile up, time is running out.  Between humour and violence it begins to seem like two opposing sides of a coin.  This is not your everyday cozy mystery, it definitely has much more to it, though still somewhat in the cozy murder mystery genre.  The camaraderie between the people trying to help Gary, the interaction between Gary and Grumpy, and the increasing pace of the crimes make for a great variation and addition to this series.  As always, I really enjoy reading books where I learn something new and this did not disappoint.  I am looking forward to more of John Michaels in future books.
Reader Views

In author Alfred M. Albers’ newest novel, “A Pocket Full of Voices,” his appealing and adventurous main character, John Michaels, is at it again. For those not familiar with Albers’ series, Michaels is a semi-retired, world-renowned, American magician with a penchant for playing an off-the-record “private investigator” when friends are in need. This time, the tale is about a very old, dear friend from the entertainment business, veteran ventriloquist Gary Eagan. When Eagan’s attorney asks him who he can contact as a character witness, the call goes out to John Michaels. And with that, the story explodes.


A constant sense of urgency propels the story forward at breakneck speed. “Little to go on,” an initial absence of seemingly any logical explanation, and a rapidly looming trial date, establish the need for speed. And the faster the story moves, the more unexpected and surprising become the plot’s changes in direction, detours and dead ends. But methodically and meticulously, Michaels begins to fit together the pieces of this intriguing mystery. His effectiveness as an under-the-radar sleuth can be directly traced to his magician’s mind – nothing’s impossible if you think it through and plan it properly.


In many ways, “A Pocket Full of Voices” by Alfred M. Albers is the quintessential mystery novel. You can put it down for a bit if you must, but you won’t be a happy reader if you do so. This book was conceived to be read non-stop, just like the story happens. If you can keep up with them, Albers and Michaels will become your favorite PI/ magicians.  

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