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A Pocket Full of Voices

By Alfred M. Albers


Discussion Questions


I. Warm-up questions.

1.Which character(s) did you like/dislike the most?

2.How would you describe this novel in one sentence?

3.Were you drawn in by the plot of A Pocket Full of Voices?


II. The story.

1.The characteristics of a mystery novel are pieced together to create a suspenseful story.  One way this is done is through the use of false clues.  Describe one that was used to throw you off track.

2.What motivates John Michaels to investigate the circumstances of Gary Egan’s arrest?

3.What was/were the main clue/clues to the mystery?

4.What was your reaction when you learned of the “family connection?”


III. The characters.

1.Do you think Wayne was being obnoxious when he said, “If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.”

2.People make assumptions about professional credibility based upon one’s demeanor.  It’s evident that Brad Stevens is not one to shy away from controversy.  Do you think his egotistical behavior is extreme?  If so, why?

3.It’s not uncommon for readers to identify with a character in a book.  Tell about the character with whom you have identified and why or how you identify with him or her.

4.What aspects of Gary Egan’s personality have made him able to succeed so well in his chosen profession?


IV. The Ending.

1.Oftentimes, readers try to predict what will happen next or how the story will end before they read the last page.  Tell about a prediction you made.  Was it correct or incorrect?

2.Do you think it’s harder to keep a secret or confess the complete truth?

3.Were you surprised when “the secret” was revealed?

4.Many times, suspicious characters (the bad guys) are blatantly portrayed in a story.  What was your reaction when the kingpin of the burglary posse was revealed?


V. Wrap-up questions.

1.What did you think was the most suspenseful moment in the novel?

2.Do you feel that the novel had a smooth narrative flow?  Why or why not?

3.Redmund said that Gary was an unfortunate pawn?  Having read the book, do you believe him?