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Here are two links to articles written about me; thank you Tim Baker (Orlando Writing Examiner), and Sandra J. Pennecke (The Virginian-Pilot). 
Also ... imagine my surprise when I learned that the article in The Virginian-Pilot appeared in a "Google news" summary. That's great publicity!
August 21, 2010 
I'd like to thank Wilfried Voss for including a blurb about my two books on his web site (FrogenYozurt).  Here's the link:
And while you're there, please check out the rest of Wilfried's website. 
December 10, 2011
It's an honor to have my new novel showcased in the "Author's Spotlight."  My profound thanks to Infinity Publishing for this recognition.



March 8, 2012


I recently received two spectacular reviews of A Pocket Full of Voices.  The first one appeared on the web site "Reader Views;" here's the link:


The second review appeared on the web site "Review The Book;" here's the link:


A portion of the reviews can be found in the "Book Reviews" tab on my web site.  However, if you'd like to read the full reviews, click the two links.


My thanks to Joseph Yurt and Betty Gelean for two superb reviews.



March 10, 2012


The two recent reviews have been posted on the following web sites:


Wow; this is most welcomed and, of course, great publicity.




August 26, 2012


Anne B., from Readers Favorite has just reviewed my recent novel, A Pocket Full Of Voices.  To read a portion of what she wrote, please click the "News Update" link and find the August 26, 2012 entry.


To read the entire review, click the below link:



Can't ask for a better review.




April 29, 2013


This morning, a feature article I wrote about a con (confidence) game known as Three Card Monte was published on the web site, Blogging Authors.  Here's the link to the article I titled, "Red Card, I Win; Black Card, You Lose":