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Alfred M. Albers

Author & Magician

Of Ghosts And Magic
House of Tarot Cards
A Pocket Full of Voices
The Last Goodbye
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A retired U. S. Navy veteran, Al Albers is a Technical Writer/Editor for a defense contractor, and a retired professional magician.  He has now added "a published novelist" to his list of accomplishments.


Al's four mystery novels, Of Ghosts and Magic,House of Tarot CardsA Pocket Full of Voices, and The Last Goodbye, feature protagonist John Michaels, a retired Master Magician living in Virginia Beach.
Al has created a down-to-earth character who voluntarily becomes a private investigator to help unravel a seemingly impossible mystery.
Michaels' unique understanding of how the mind can be easily fooled, coupled with his "outside the box" thought process, methodically proves that an unconventional clue - no matter how strange - is always worth pursuing.